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How can I give and remove the access to my installation (my home) to other people?

The Home + Control App enables you to give access to your installation to your relatives. Go to settings, select "Manage my guests" and choose "Invite a user" They will receive an e-mail inviting them to accept the invitation. Once the application is downloaded, they will have access to your home via their smartphone. Once invited, they will get exactly the same access rights than the person who invited them (for example, invite new users, or remove existing ones).

To remove the access to users, you just have to click on the cross next to the account you wish to remove the access to. You can also remove your own acces to the home. If the home’s creator removes his own access, the guests still keeps theirs. In the same way, if you are an installer and you remove your own access to the home once installation and setup are completed, the home’s owner will be able to get the existing configuration by following the installation guide in his Home + Control App, when he moves in.

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