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My "...with Netatmo" installation's smart gatewayhas disconnected. What should I do?

If the Home + Control application indicates "Disconnected gateway power outlet" or "Disconnected gateway module":
  • Firstly check that the installation is not in configuration mode. Make sure that the configuration indicator lights for the installation's wired products are not a continuous green. If this was the case, briefly press the EZ button on the smart gateway or the middle of the Home/Away wireless master switch button or the gateway module's configuration button to exit the configuration mode.
  • Check the gateway power outlet / module's electrical connections.
  • Reboot your internet router
  • If there are different Wi-Fi access points (repeater, amplifier, extender) in your network, make sure to define a different name (SSID) for each of your access points. Then, make sure your Legrand smart gateway is configured to connect to the access point with the strongest signal.
  • A weak Wi-Fi signal: make sure that the Wi-Fi signal reaching the Legrand smart gateway is sufficiently strong. To check this, test the reception quality of the Wi-Fi signal using a smartphone where the gateway power outlet is located.
Some tips :
1. Check the distance between the Internet router and the gateway power outlet / module. Walls and some surfaces can absorb the wireless signal. To improve the connectivity, it is recommended to install a Wi-Fi repeater in the room where you want to install your product
2. We do NOT recommend the following locations for the Legrand smart gateway :
  • Behind a television
  • Next to a fish tank
  • In or on a metal object
  • In a closed cabinet
  • Near several electrical wires or cables
  • Near another wireless device
3. If you own one of the following devices at home, temporarily switch them off and check if connexion is back (it may take up to 15 minutes) :
  • Laptop, tablet, smartphone…
  • Printer, speaker or any wireless device
  • IP video camera
  • Microwave oven (on)
If the situation has improved, try to increase the distance between the products and the concerned device. It may not be possible to use them at the same time​​

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