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I can't connect my gateway power outlet / module to the Internet. What should I do?

If you are unable to connect your Legrand smart gateway to the Internet:
Turn off the smart gateway at the main switch, then turn it back on and restart your Internet/Wi-Fi router. If this does not solve the problem, and if you have already manually configured your router, it may be that the Router's configuration blocks the connection to the gateway power outlet / module. In this case, refer to your router manual and follow the instructions:
Step 1: In the Internet browser on your computer, type in the local address of the router, in the following form http://192.168.x.x (e.g. This is shown in the router manual.
Step 2: Sometimes a username and password are requested. With most routers these are "admin" and "admin". Otherwise refer to your manual.
Step 3: You can then access your router's configuration interface.
Step 4: If you use parental control, check that you have definitely authorised the gateway power outlet / module. To do this, check if its MAC address (see: Where can I find the gateway power outlet's MAC address?) is in the list of authorised devices.
Step 5: If you use a standby feature for your router, deactivate it.

If you are still unable to reconnect, proceed as follows:
Step 1: Firstly, try to assign a fixed IP address to the gateway power outlet by indicating its MAC address (How do I find the my product's MAC address or serial number?). If you have an Android smartphone, you can also assign a fixed IP to the smartphone.
If needed there are tutorials to help you with this configuration: in your browser, type in the brand and model of your router (Orange livebox, for example). Then write "static IP for MAC address" in your browser.
Step 2: You can also open the specific port for the gateway power outlet (Port No 25050) in TCP so that it succeeds in communicating with the servers.
Step 3: Then, you can check the Wi-Fi frequency band used by your router. The Legrand smart gateway does not work with the frequency 5 GHz. Make sure that the 2.4 GHz mode is activated.
Step 4: If the Wi-Fi channel has been modified manually, it may be that it no longer makes an optimal connection possible. Check that the "automatic selection of Wi-Fi channel" mode is activated.
Step 5: Finally, if your network is equipped with one or more Wi-Fi repeaters, make sure that each of these Wi-Fi access points has a different name (or SSID) and that the gateway power outlet connects to the one which has the strongest signal.

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